2020 Vision USA began as a small father/daughter company,
importing and wholesaling readers and sunglasses over 20 years ago.

With an exceptional eye for style and future trends, we have gained
recognition and a highly satisfied clientele worldwide.
Our customers’ satisfaction is, and always will be our #1 priority.

Our readers are designed in house and created thru an exacting process,
striving for eco-friendly and quality sustainable materials, while keeping
our prices extremely affordable.

We have our eye on worldwide fashion centers, specializing in
Italian design elements. Our finished product is elegant to see
as well as be seen in.

2020’s “Vision” is for glasses to be more than just a tool to help see.
They are integral to one’s personality and style, a reflection
of who you are.

2020 Vision USA is a brand with an innovative product and
a desire to promote positive change in the world by supporting
conservation, free speech and giving back to worthwhile

Thank you for contributing to our growth and success over the years!